“We’re paying out refunds faster and faster because our fiscal policies are working. The Guamanian people know that this has been a top priority for ray and me, to pay their money, their refunds. The court didn’t manage our finances well to make this happen; the administration did. We need to continue with our fiscal policies without judicial interference.” -Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
CHECK THE MAIL: Error-free Refunds Filed in January Mailed
The government mailed out all tax refunds filed in January that were error-free. The Department of Administration dropped the checks to the Guam Main Facility post office yesterday afternoon.
Breakdown of the Latest Payment of Refunds
About $8 million in tax refunds were mailed:
– $7.5 million for 2,083 checks for Tax Year 2012 Refunds
– $500,000 for 180 checks for prior tax years that were filed recently
Refunds Remaining
As of today, there are 13,693 error-free tax refunds remaining to be paid. These were filed since February 1. This represents about $40 million in refunds. There are other claims for refunds file in January, February, and march that have errors. The administration will continue holding the line on spending so the Treasury can gather the cash to pay tax refunds timely.
Have Questions?
Call the Department of revenue and Taxation at 635-1840/1/2 if you have any questions about your tax refund claim.

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