First Lady, Governor ‘Light the Way’ for Down Syndrome Awareness
First Family Shares Special Connection With Event

March 23, 2011
In a touching ceremony last night, First Lady Christine Calvo showed her support for families that have loved ones with Down syndrome.  She participated in a nationwide campaign called, “Light the Way,” where the official residences of state and territorial governors are illuminated with the color blue, to show solidarity with families, and demonstrate support for Down syndrome cognitive research.  During the ceremony, the First Lady shared a personal connection to the cause: she has a close relative living with Down syndrome.
“This is my aunt, my mom’s youngest sister; I love her more than words allow,” First Lady Calvo told those in attendance.  “I really do appreciate you here today–because I know just how special my auntie is in my life, and in my family’s life.  So I know how special your loved one is in yours.”
First Lady Calvo’s Aunt, Teresita J. Lujan is affectionately known as Rese.  Governor Eddie Baza Calvo also spoke on his experience with this special woman.
“Back when I was dating my wife, Auntie Rese was our chaperone,” Governor Calvo shared.  “We couldn’t go on a date unless I brought her a comic book; I didn’t read any comic books unless she said they were good.”
Dozens of children, and their families gathered at Government House for the event.  Sounds of laughter filled the halls as children played with each other, and family members told stories.
“This is what Government House is made for–moments like this,” First Lady Calvo said.  “You can feel the love in the air.  I want to tell everyone out there–all of Guam’s families that love someone with a special need–you have a friend and an ally in me, and in Eddie.”
In addition to the “Light the Way” ceremony, members of the Down Syndrome Association of Guam made a donation to the government-wide Japan relief efforts.  A check for $250 was presented to First Lady Calvo to support the cause.
“This is so surprising!  Tonight was supposed to be about supporting you and your families.  I’m so touched you decided to pass along some love and care to the people of Japan,” First Lady Calvo said.

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