Ray Tenorio spent over two decades working for the people of Guam, channeling his passion for our island into a humble career of public service. From being a police officer where he put his life on the line to keep our neighborhoods safe, to voicing our community’s concerns in the Guam Legislature, Ray Tenorio demonstrates the leadership, experience and capability we need to move Guam forward.
Ray Tenorio is committed to improving our government because he loves Guam and has benefited from our island. As a graduate of George Washington High School in 1983 and the 23rd Criminal Justice Academy at Guam Community College, his successful police career at the Guam Police Department inspired him to further his education. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration in 2000 from the University of Guam and continues his studies, working toward a Master’s Degree in the same field.
In 2002, Ray Tenorio took his public service career to the next level and successfully won his first bid for elected office in the 27th Guam Legislature. He assured the people he would not make empty promises; but instead just work hard. He did. Ray Tenorio fulfilled his commitment as a leader by accomplishing more than he set out to do, fighting for what is right and giving back to the community he loves. As a result, he has been elected among the top three vote getters in the 28th, 29th and now the 30th Guam Legislatures.
People trust Ray Tenorio because he says what he means and does what he says. He is a man of the people who worked hard all his life to be successful and bring opportunities for success into the lives of all Guam’s people. Since then, he has served, working tirelessly to champion policies, laws and public safety initiatives in the best interest of our community and the future of our island.
He believes public service is a full-time job that includes good deeds and volunteerism. That’s why Ray Tenorio created the “LegWork” program–a volunteer organization working over weekends, holidays, and after work hours over the course of his 4 terms as Senator. Leg Work designed and maintained the flag mural in East-HagÃ¥tña and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial mural in Mangilao. He organized annual “We Can Help” food drives to feed our island hungry, the “Comps For Kids” that provided refurbished computers to students in public schools. All these programs were done at no cost to the government from the generous cooperation and support of the private sector and citizens.
Today, he is continuing his mission to help shape the vision for Guam’s future. Throughout his life, Ray Tenorio has been an advocate for stronger laws to deter and prevent crime. He implemented initiatives to support Guam’s growth, increased government accountability and demanded better services for our people. His policies for greater fiscal responsibility and commitment to making tough decisions will ensure that Guam and her people are poised to take on the challenges and opportunities ahead.
Ray Tenorio was born in 1965 and is the son of Helen V. Tenorio and Romeo Mantanona Tenorio (†). Married to Attorney Naoko G. Shimizu, Ray also has five children: LaDonna, Nicole, Ray Jr., Rome Scott and Richard. His mother and his wife are the cornerstone of his life. They support him in everything he does for the people of Guam, and they stand by his side through the triumphs and trials of public service. His children are the foundation of his life and the reason he is so driven to make a difference for Guam’s next generation.
In November 2010, he was elected Lt. Governor of Guam with Senator and, now Governor-Elect, Edward Baza Calvo. Governor-Elect Calvo and Lt. Governor-Elect Tenorio will be sworn in and begin their administration on January 3, 2011.
Ray At a Glance
Age: 45 Years Old
Parents: Helen V. and Romeo Mantanona Tenorio
Wife: Naoko G. Shimizu, Esq.
Children: LaDonna, Nicole, Raymond Jr., Rome Scott and Richard
1983 — George Washington High School, Mangilao, GU
1984 — 23rd Police Cycle, Criminal Justice Academy, Guam Community College, Mangilao, GU
2000 — Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, University of Guam, Mangilao, GU
Masters in Public Administration (In Progress), University of Guam, Mangilao, GU
4-Term Senator, Guam Legislature
30th Guam Legislature

  • Assistant Minority Leader
  • Vice Chairman, Committee on Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Senior Citizens
  • Member, Committee on Education
  • Member, Committee on Tourism, Cultural Affairs, Public Broadcasting and Youth
  • Member, Committee on Municipal Affairs, Aviation, Housing & Recreation
  • Member, Committee on the Guam Military Buildup and Homeland Security
  • Member, Committee on Utilities, Transportation, Public Works & Veterans Affairs
  • Member, Committee on Labor, Public Structure, Public Libraries & Technology
  • Member, Committee on Economic Development, Health & Human Services and Judiciary

29th Guam Legislature

  • Acting Speaker and Vice Speaker
  • Legislative Secretary
  • Chairman, Committee on Criminal Justice, Public Safety and Youth
  • Member, Executive Committee
  • Member, Committee on Aviation, Federal Affairs, Labor, Housing, Banking and Insurance
  • Member, Committee on Tourism, Maritime, Military, Veterans and Foreign Affairs
  • Member, Committee on Education, General & Omnibus Affairs
  • Member, Committee on Finance, Taxation, Commerce & Economic Development

28th Guam Legislature

  • Majority Leader
  • Chairman, Committee on Criminal Justice, Public Safety and Youth & Foreign Affairs
  • Vice Chairman, Committee on Education & Community Development
  • Member, Committee on Finance, Taxation & Commerce
  • Member, Committee on Health & Human Services
  • Member, Committee on Natural Resources, Utilities & Micronesian Affairs
  • Member, Committee on Aviation, Immigration, Labor & Housing
  • Member, Committee on Judiciary, Governmental Operations & Reorganization
  • Member, Committee on General and Omnibus Matters

27th Guam Legislature

  • Minority Whip
  • Member, Committee on Utilities & Land, Subcommittee on Health
  • Member, Subcommittee for the Restoration of the Guam Legislature Building
  • President, Trace Investigations Incorporated, 1997-2002
  • President, Denanche Security Agency, 1995-2002
  • Police Officer I, II, and III, Guam Police Department, 1983-1997al Justice, Public Safety, Youth and Foreign Affairs — 28th Guam Legislature
  • Senator — 27th Guam Legislature

President — Trace Investigations Incorporated, 1997-2002
President — Denanche Security Agency, 1995-2002
Police Officer III, Guam Police Department, 1983-1997

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