“There are untold stories of public servants going beyond the call of duty to help the people of Guam. We hope sharing their achievements will inspire us all.”
–           Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
The Magnificent Professionals (MagPRO) Committee announces the results on the 2016 MagPRO awards program. There were 309 Government of Guam employees nominated for different categories. The names of the winners are on the attached document.
The MagPRO Awards is a government-wide employee recognition program within the Executive Branch of the government of Guam.  It is the highest and most competitive employee awards program bestowed by the Governor of Guam, which showcases the outstanding employees and programs of the government of Guam. The recognition and competition spans over 40 departments and agencies, and 55 occupational groups ranging from clerical, labor, trades, professional and technical positions.  The various awards reflect individual and group performance, valor, cost savings, integrity, community service and sports.
Their Mission is to recognize hard working employees in the Government of Guam, reward them for going above and beyond their required duties, and encourage them to strive for greater achievements. We acknowledge not only their hard work but also their commitment and years invested into making our government a success.
All MagPRO individual and group nominees are applauded and honored and we are all proud to recognize them as well. An awards banquet is scheduled for Nov. 19.
For more information, contact Joleen C. Santos at 475-7074, Pete Calvo at 647-1860 or Wil Castro at 475-9662
MagPRO 2016 Award Winners 

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