“All these years the government has been throwing this money away. Now, because of the focused efforts of GFD, the Lt. Governor, and the fiscal team, we’re collecting this money. Now we’ll have more revenue for life-saving ambulances fire trucks, and supplies.”
-Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Guam Fire Department Achieves Revenue Milestone
Medicare, for the first time, will reimburse the Guam Fire Department for their subscribers’ use of GFD ambulances. The reimbursement of $157,428.99, covering bills for nearly half of the fiscal year, is happening because GFD implemented its successful Ambulance Billing Program and got it accredited by Medicare. GFD anticipates generating about $300,000 each year from Medicare billing at its current fee structure for ambulance use. This is revenue GFD never billed or collected before.
Funds to Purchase and Maintain Emergency Vehicles and Supplies
Revenue generated from Medicare payments, and all payments for the Ambulance Billin Program, will be deposited into GFD’s Fire, Life, and Medical Emergency Fund (F.L.A.M.E). These funds are for critical maintenance and repair on emergency rescue and firefighting vehicles, to purchase emergency life support and medical equipment, and to train and certify Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics.
Collaborative Efforts Make this Possible
GFD’s Captain Darren Burrier and the Administrative Services Officer Tanya Bejado worked closely with personnel from Guam Memorial Hospital Medical Director and ER Staff, Department of Administration, Treasurer of Guam, and staff from the offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Guam to complete and push the necessary paperwork for the Medicare approval process.

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