A joint press release from the Guam Department of Education and the Office of the Governor of Guam
December 25, 2017
Hagåtña – About 20,600 students from the 34 public elementary and middle schools around the island will soon get new playgrounds, gym equipment and field improvements.
The administration secured $1.5 million in Department of Interior grant funds to help the Guam Department of Education accelerate its plan to upgrade all elementary school playgrounds. This work will include the addition of new playground equipment for children, including the possibility of adding multi-purpose courts and surfaces.
Governor Eddie Calvo noted that playtime is crucial to fostering creativity in children.
“On playgrounds, children run, swing, and climb – strengthening their bodies. They play together and learn how to take turns, how to follow and lead their peers. These are life skills that strengthen their character and build them up to be the forward thinkers of our island,” Governor Calvo stated.
Roughly $1.3 million will go to fund elementary school playground upgrades, while $200,000 will go to middle schools for field improvements and equipment.
According to Guam DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez, most of our public school playgrounds have aging equipment in need of major upgrades and repairs.
“These improvements will help keep our kids healthy by offering them an outlet to stay active and to also learn about teamwork and problem solving. I want to thank Governor Calvo for this investment that will touch every village community on Guam and impact our students,” Superintendent Fernandez said.
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio added that the collaborative effort between the administration and Guam DOE helped procure the funding to benefit public school students in elementary and middle schools.
“Our children deserve proper playgrounds and fitness areas and we were able to get it for them through collaborative effort,” Lt. Governor Tenorio said. “As we continue our work to support our children, whether it’s in classrooms, on playgrounds, providing adequate school buses or building more bus stops, today’s accomplishment illustrates the importance of our leadership working together.”

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