About $1 million in tax refunds is being processed this week and will be released by the weekend.
The Department of Revenue and Taxation will be sending the checks to the Department of Administration by this weekend and this batch of refunds will cover tax returns filed up to June 5th, according to DRT Deputy Director Marie Benito.
“We have been able to get our people their tax refunds within months, and through the TRAN, we hoped to get the people their tax refunds within weeks,” Governor Calvo stated. “Unfortunately, not all elected leaders agree with our efforts and we’ve had to take this fight to court, which is now deliberating the case.”
Since taking office in 2011, the Calvo Tenorio Administration has been consistent in paying tax refunds, a growing portion of which is the Earned Income Tax Credits. This is the seventh year the administration has paid out tax refunds within months, it is the fifth year they’ve accomplished this responsibility WITHOUT BORROWING.
“When our people get their tax refunds, they are able to take care of their bills, medical needs, and other daily needs,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio added.

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