Nov. 28, 2017 (Hagåtña) – A University of Guam poll ranked healthcare as a top priority for Guamanians.
However, Speaker Cruz — five months after Governor Calvo and Guam Memorial Hospital administrators submitted Bills 141-34 and 142-34 — has yet to schedule a public hearing. These two bills work together to modernize GMH and improve quality of healthcare on island. These improvements would mean that procedures and care that currently aren’t provided on island, will finally become routine here as they are in hospitals across the nation. And more people would be able to get the medical care they need right here at home.
But Speaker Cruz has not scheduled a public hearing to help the hospital.
Why is Speaker Cruz so afraid of a public hearing? Why doesn’t he want the community’s input on a vital community issue? A public hearing provides a forum for the public to offer their input on legislation.
Speaker Cruz is an elected leader. His job is to listen to the people.
And every day that Speaker Cruz delays, a patient has to be stabilized before he can be moved to get an MRI down the street, life-saving supplies are lacking, and the roof continues to leak.
Speaker Cruz, hold a public hearing on Bills 141 & 142.

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