Today, the Department of Administration is mailing out $66 million in tax refunds to 29,000 taxpayers. The checks are for tax returns filed by May 22, 2016.
But there’s more to come next week. Rev and Tax these last couple of days have processed returns filed up to May 31. They are working with DOA to prep those refund checks and get those in the mail by next week Friday. That’s an additional $500,000 in refunds.
This week and next week’s refund payments will mean all error-free tax returns with refunds filed up to the month of May will have been paid out. That’s approximately $147.8 million in tax refunds paid out this fiscal year. About $59.4 million of that is in EITC payments, which are federally mandated but not federally paid.
“We have some people who filed tax returns after May and we will work on processing those,” Rev & Tax Director John Camacho stated.
DOA Director Christine Baleto stated that as the returns are processed and cleared, her agency will work with Rev & Tax to pay other refund checks filed later.

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