The Department of Public Works received the remainder of the results of the drug tests requested a couple weeks ago.


About 200 DPW employees participated in a random drug test requested by Director Glenn Leon Guerrero. The testing followed a drug sweep in May. Last week, partial results were made available and DPW was notified that 4 individuals had tested positive for illegal substances. Today’s results brings the number of individuals who tested positive to 11.


Leon Guerrero reiterated the need to keep the agency drug free, especially considering their mission to transport thousands of public and private school students. They also operate and maintain heavy equipment. Additionally, DPW oversees safety in buildings and on our roads.


“Safety has to be a priority and anything that comprises our employees’ ability cannot be tolerated,” Leon Guerrero stated.  


“Our agencies have a mission to accomplish. And for a bus driver, or a heavy equipment operator or mechanic, it’s absolutely essential that you have your wits about you because if you don’t step on the brakes in time, or don’t secure a piece of machinery properly, you’re risking lives — your own as well as those around you and are depending on you,” Governor Eddie Calvo stated.


Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio added: “Most of those who are being tested work in what’s been identified as test-designated positions and there’s a reason for that. The Governor and I want to ensure our children and our employees are safe – and part of that is providing an environment that is free of illegal substances.”


The Governor and Lt. Governor have called for more frequent random drug tests at agencies as part of a directive for agency heads be aggressive in establishing a drug-free workplace.

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