Hafa Adai everyone, 
This week, the Governor comments on the violent acts around the world, and encourages our community to pray for peace here in Guam, Virginia, Barcelona, and around the world. 
The message transcript is below. To see a video of the Governor’s message, click on the following link: Message: A Prayer for Peace

Hafa Adai my dear people of Guam,

In the last few weeks, we’ve been inundated with news of terroristic attacks— from Virginia to Spain. And of course, there were the threats made on our island that focused the eyes of the world on us.

First, I am so glad to say that I am a son of Guam. I am proud of my brothers and sisters, my fellow Guamanians. Despite the threats we did not cower. We did not fear. We stood up to the attempts of a dictator to fill our lives with terror and we lived our lives. We went to the family barbecues, attended our children’s basketball games, enjoyed the sunny weather with a day at the beach, and we did it all with the same passion and fervor with which we typically live our lives.

 As a son of Guam raised in the Catholic faith, I prayed everyday.

There’s a plaque on my desk that reminds me every day to look to the Lord for guidance in all I do as a governor, father, husband, son, and brother. It’s a very simple wooden plaque. On it is etched one word: pray.

My prayers today, unfortunately, are mixed with sorrow. Our heart and prayers go out to Heather Hayer and her family…. And to those injured at Charlottesville, Virginia. We also remember those who died in senseless attack in Barcelona, Spain.  Many more also were injured.

I ask that we all come together in prayer for peace. I pray that love overcomes the hate and anger and hostility.

We on Guam, we know war. More importantly we have seen the healing and prosperity in times of peace. This is a time when Americans and Guamanians from all walks of life celebrate family, community, life and peace.

The Good Book reminds us that when we gather in prayer, we will be blessed until our lives and hearts are overflowing. Let us then come together in agreement that peace and love should reign.

God bless Guam and the United States of America, and God bless every citizen of our global community.

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