NEWS: Acting governor calls on Won Pat, Pangelinan to release bills for Pre-K, foster kids and lawsuit against feds

A release from the Governor’s Office w Contact Phill Leon Guerrero at 929-7467 or
“Three critical initiatives have been stalled because of only two senators.  The results of laws like the tax refund bonds speak for itself.  We thank the members of the Legislature who never lost sight of who we serve, and are always willing to put politics aside in the name of public service.  Election year maneuvering from a select few in power helps no one.  Working together to move in the right direction helps everyone.” — Acting Governor Ray Tenorio
Acting Governor writes to legislature requesting movement on stalled bills   
In February, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo introduced his 10-point plan at the State of the Island Address.  Yesterday, we released updates on each point in this agenda.  Unfortunately, three of the 10 initiatives are stalled in the Legislature.  This is why Acting Governor Ray Tenorio wrote to each member of the Guam Legislature today, appealing for partnership and progress on these three items.
Legislation introduced to improve island stuck in two legislative committees 
Bills have been introduced in the Legislature that make these policies happen.  These measures will implement a public preschool program in the Guam Department of Education, sue the federal government to pay for the toxic waste it put in the Ordot Dump, and open a temporary shelter for foster children who need a safe place to be loved.  Unfortunately, none of these policies have progressed because the chairpersons of the committees the bills are stuck in haven’t reported the bills out.  Two of them were introduced three months ago.  The stalled measures are:

  • Bill No. 274-32: Introduced by Sens. Yamashita, V.A Ada and Speaker Won Pat, and Vice Speaker Cruz
    • Stalled in Speaker Won Pat’s committee
  • Bill No. 281-32 — Introduced by Sen. Dueñas
    • Stalled in Senator Pangelinan’s committee
  • Bill No. 332-32 — Introduced by Sens. Muña Barnes, Rodriguez, Yamashita, McCreadie, Morrison, Dueñas  V.A. Ada, and Limtiaco
    • Stalled in Senator Pangelinan’s committee

“Guam can only reach its greatest heights if we work together.  Since 2011, our administration has reached out to this body in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. Partnering in progress has helped our island.  Guam has seen an unprecedented amount of tax refunds paid, affordable homes built, more hot meals for needy seniors, a new public high school opening, and so much more–all because of the work we did together,” acting Gov. Ray Tenorio reminded lawmakers in his letter.

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