This morning’s news of a shootout that injured a police officer and fatally wounded an armed-robbery suspect is a shocking turn of events for Guam.
“As a former police officer, I know it’s never a good thing when they feel they have to use their firearms,” acting Governor Ray Tenorio stated. “A man lost his life and a police officer was injured. Police are investigating the situation that lead to the horrific scene that we all woke up to today.”
The acting Governor and his wife, Madoka, along with Governor Calvo and Christine, pray for all that were involved this morning.
“There are no winners in incidents like this,” the acting Governor added. “We have frightened employees at the game room, police officers who were involved in a life-threatening situation, and grieving friends and family members. I ask that we all support GPD as they search for answers.”
The acting Governor also called for the community to provide police with any information they may have that could help solve this case. Residents can call Crime Stoppers at 477-HELP (4357), text them at 486-HELP, or via their website: (Click on the “Submit a Web Tip” button on the left of the page).

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