Governor to Speaker Cruz: Please do your part to help Simon Sanchez High and other schools
June 16, 2017 (Hagåtña) — Senators cannot sit back and forget about their promise help to Simon Sanchez High School students, teachers and staff.
For about two weeks, the Guam Department of Education sat with senators to discuss the immediate help that was needed for repairs that would be completed at schools during the summer. There were two bills proffered by senators that would provide more than $500,000 to Guam DOE for repairs at Simon Sanchez High School.
With the $1.5 million that the administration provided this morning for summer repairs, the more than $500,000 from the Legislature would make more than $2 million available to Guam DOE.
Long-term solution
Department of Public Works, Guam Department of Education, Office of the Attorney General of Guam, and other parties are working together on the new procurement process of the Invitation For Bid for a contract to rebuild Simon Sanchez High School. There are issues with the legislation that senators recently overrode into law that could require clarification with additional legislation.
During a meeting last week, Guam Economic Development Authority proffered a solution in the hopes of meeting the 30-day deadline set by Bill 58. AG Barrett-Anderson said she’d need to look at the legislation closer to determine if GEDA can take the lead.
Governor Calvo has directed GEDA, DPW and his legal team to work closely with Guam DOE and the AG’s office to ensure work on Simon Sanchez High School rebuilt as soon as possible.
“I don’t want this year’s freshmen class to graduate in four years without having seen that the adults in their lives care more about providing them with clean and safe classrooms than politics,” the Governor stated.

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