February 23, 2018

(Hagåtña) – Regine Biscoe Lee wants to personally say no to Bill 245-34.

The freshman senator doesn’t appear to have a grasp of the dire financial situation. If the Legislature follows her thought process, the Government of Guam will see layoffs see furloughs, 32 hour work-weeks, and layoffs by saying no to Governor Eddie Baza Calvo’s bill — which is what Senator Lee is saying she agrees with.

“If the majority of senators agree with Lee, we will see layoffs, furloughs, and even 32 hour work weeks. GovGuam employees shouldn’t have to shoulder this burden alone, the ripple effect is huge. If this happens, I am asking for Senator Lee’s resignation.” – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Saying no to bill 245-34 also abandons Guam’s only public hospital and doesn’t provide the Department of Education with needed capital improvement funding.

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