Governor to Chargualaf, San Nicolas, Underwood, and Won Pat:
Where is your resignation; explanation; investigation; and leadership?
For immediate release, October 15, 2016
Call Troy Torres at 977-0178 for more information
(Hagatna, Guam) Governor Calvo is growing weary of the blatant attempts by certain school board members and senators to take over the Department of Education and make it a political arena. After examining the circus that has been the battle for DOE over the past week, the Governor has questions for four specific officials:

  1. For Ken Chargualaf, the board member believed to have led the effort to depose Jon Fernandez: Where is your resignation letter?
  2. For Lou San Nicolas, the board chair: Where is your explanation to the public for this fiasco that has happened on your watch and by your bidding? And who in the world is running the board of education?
  3. For Sen. Nerissa Underwood, the person who started the effort to get rid of Jon Fernandez: When will you do the right thing and call an oversight hearing regarding this mess?
  4. For Speaker Judi Won Pat: Why are you staying silent when we need your leadership to help bring this mess to a close?

Speaking specifically on his expectation for Ken Chargualaf to resign, the Governor said: “Ken said he wants to talk about his reasons for firing Jon before he resigns. I made sure to invite the media to the meeting I was supposed to have with Ken. He didn’t show up. There’s nothing to talk about now. I want his resignation.”
The Governor expects stability on the board when his two pending appointments are confirmed and join the current minority members to repair all the damage done by the board’s current leadership and Sen. Underwood. “But those confirmations are, at best, days away. The current board members need to see the light and read the writing on the wall. The public is against this plan they hatched with the other politicians. It is clear as day to everyone what they were attempting to do. The jig is up. Do what is right and bring stability now.”

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