Governor continues effort to keep public safe; commutes sentence of 12th convict 
The Governor has commuted the sentence for a man who, most recently, was serving prison time for second-degree robbery as a second-degree felony.
In 2012, Jack Sasaichy tackled a woman who was jogging in East Agana. He threatened her and she gave him her money then agreed to do what he said, hoping to stall until she found help. Sasaichy fled when two men walked near them and asked her if she was OK.
Sasaichy was caught and arrested. He was sentenced in 2014 to six years in prison with credit for time served. He was scheduled to be released in two years.
Sasaichy was arrested in previous years for harassment, public drunkenness, assault, attempted murder, and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of an assault.
U.S. Immigrations placed a detainer on Sasaichy who is a citizen of the Federated States of Micronesia. The detainer means the federal government identified his recent offenses as qualifying for deportation. Governor Calvo’s commutation of his sentence, allows for the Department of Corrections to transfer Saisachy into the custody of U.S. Immigrations for his deportation.
Sasaichy is the 12th convict to have been either removed by the Governor or transferred into the custody of U.S. Immigrations for deportation.
The Governor hopes to continue working with federal officials on the deportation of non-U.S. citizens in DOC, which will help ensure repeat offenders who are eligible for deportation are never able to harm another person on Guam.
This also means they are no longer living at DOC at taxpayers’ expense, which amounts to an average of $119 a day per person or more than $42,300 per year per person.

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