May 6, 2018 — Mangilao and Umatac will get new gymnasiums and Talofofo will have a baseball stadium as the administration continues to promote athletics and healthy living on Guam. These are three in a list of projects that the Department of Parks and Recreation is working on.
DPR applied for a $5.62M Department of Interior Capital Improvement Program grant and a week ago, Assistant Secretary Domenech presented Governor Calvo with a letter that DPR was awarded the grant.
“DPR is is tasked with the management and maintenance of Guam’s public parks, historic resources, recreation and sporting facilities for our island residents and visitors alike. The conditions on Guam present a challenge in the maintenance of facilities, which experience accelerated deterioration as a result of their general proximity to the ocean,” Director Bill Reyes said.
This project intends to provide for the preventative maintenance, repair and renovations of our public recreation, sports facilities and park restrooms as well as to provide for new recreational facilities to relieve the demand placed on existing populated public venues.
“Our goal is to provide safe, clean and accessible venues for residents and visitors to participate in sports or family and friend activities,” said John Taitano, DPR Deputy Director. “This is all part of this agency’s effort to promote physical activity, health, wellness and an overall improved quality of life.”
DPR has 16 public park restroom facilities, renovation, refurbishment and/or replacement of 10 public outdoor basketball court facilities, tennis court, and one sports complex; it will retrofit lighting at a couple parks, replace auto bollards at Governor Joseph Flores Beach Park (also known as Ypao Beach); design-build seven recreation facilities (restroom, baseball field, pool pump room and gymnasium); and the design build of a security CCTV system for multiple public parks.
Governor Calvo stated this investment into our sports and recreation facilities “creates an environment where our children and our athletes have a greater opportunity to engage in sports and other activities that promote healthy lifestyles and athletic skills.”
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio noted that the administration has completed a number of projects to renovate and upgrade DPR facilities. “We were just at the Dededo Sports Complex to break ground on a project that would improve and expand that facility. On top of that, we’ve recently completed renovations at different gyms, including Yigo gym, which can now be used to shelter families during a typhoon. Kudos to DPR and their partner agencies for their hard work!”

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