January 16, 2018

Hagatna – The Department of Corrections, in partnership with local organizations, have started an initiative called “Fu’una Rising” which began in an effort to help women who have been incarcerated seek job opportunities upon release. To help lead the program, they have called upon First Lady Christine Calvo as an advisor. 

“I am very proud and humbled to be a part of this program. It gives these women hope for a better life, and a better future.  I firmly believe that in promoting the well-being and betterment of these and all women, we are building a stronger community,” said First Lady Christine Calvo.

Fu’una Rising was formed in July 2017 to provide skills training programs to women in prison – particularly those who are paying their debt to society and will soon return to civilian life – with marketable skills. And, if they qualify, a chance at a national construction industry certification. These skills will add to these women’s marketability and make them highly employable.

“We are so very honored to have First Lady Christine Calvo, who is the honorary advisor of Fu’una Rising, join our efforts in improving the lives of women, empowering those who are committed to becoming contributing members of society,” said Kate Baltazar, Co-Founder of the initiative. 

“I am also grateful to Dr. Jaylene Kent, Co-Founder, Ann Marie Pelobello President of NAWIC Guam Chapter #381 and Chairwoman, and other women-owned businesses, for their shared vision.” 

The program currently consists of 15 members, including correctional officers who work with the women inside the facility. 

The program also consists of three committees, which include: 

– Pizza, Pop, & Power Tools – Experiential Project

– Construction Industry Technician (CIT) Program – Certificate Program

– Psychoeducational classes/groups

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