March 2, 2018

Hagåtña — Governor Calvo is calling Senators back into session today after they recessed for the the three-day weekend.

“There is a crisis before us, and every time the legislature does not take action or find consensus to address the crisis, the government is going into a deeper hole and the consequences on our community gets worse without action,” Governor Calvo said.

Today, Acting Speaker Therese Terlaje called the Legislature into session at 10 am and immediately recessed without a debate or a solution. In the meantime, fire stations on scheduled to close this weekend, approximately forty Limited Term employees at government agencies have not been renewed, and the the furlough process has begun.

Thousands of government employees are heading into the weekend unsure about their pay checks.

In order to address the financial shortfalls at the prison, the Governor is calling on all public safety agencies to assist with collateral duties in this area.

In an effort to address the crisis, and bring senators back to work, the Governor has revoked his current call to session, and has put out a new call to session on yet another compromise.

“I am prepared to work all weekend late into the evenings to address this crisis and our community should expect nothing less from their senators. The crisis before us requires a legislative solution,” Governor Calvo said.

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