March 26, 2018
Hagåtña — The Guam Fire Department will reopen two fire stations using some of the savings that we’ve seen from recent cost-cutting measures.
The reopening of the Piti Fire Station is made possible with help from wildland firefighters from the Department of Agriculture’s Forestry Division. Forestry firefighters will manage the fire station during the day and GFD personnel will manage the station at night.
“This is an out-of-the-box solution that is helping ensure continued services while managing our reduced revenues,” Governor Calvo stated. “This level of collaborative effort will be necessary as we continue unwinding cost-cutting measures resulting from the fiscal crisis caused by the new federal tax policy.”
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio thanked the Department of Agriculture: “I thank the firefighters from these two departments for working together to find viable solutions to the situation we’re in. I know these past few weeks have been a challenge. It’s not quite over yet but I thank all the GovGuam employees who are doing their best to cut costs while maintaining services.”
Department of Agriculture Director Matt Sablan said the two organizations have always worked together – particularly in protecting homes and businesses from fires.
“This is a natural partnership,” Sablan stated.
The Astumbo Fire Station will be managed by GFD and will be operating at full capacity.
The two fire stations were closed a few weeks ago to help contain the cost of overtime, which is a reality for the department because of the shortage created when firefighters resign, retire or transfer out of GFD. The reopening of the two stations were made possible with savings from the fiscal realignment plan and the overtime savings of approximately $400,000 in unscheduled overtime since the closure of the stations.
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