Nov. 19, 2017 (Hagåtña) — As the Guam Memorial Hospital continues its quest for help — beginning with a call to senators to hold a public hearing on Bills 141 & 142 — GMH leaders were humbled to read the front page of today’s Umatuna Si Yu’os, Guam’s Catholic community newspaper.
The article is a call for support for the hospital that serves everyone on this island – including “the least of our brothers and sisters, the poorest of the poor (who) will not be turned away at GMH.”
“Its community of healers embrace and even emphasize that their mission to provide medical care to people who walk through their doors is carried out without bias or distinction,” the article by Michael Byrnes, Coadjutor Archbishop of Agaña states. “I support the mission of Guam Memorial Hospital, especially as it pertains to serving all people, including the indigent population.”
The Archbishop further implores “our government leaders to do all they can to provide more resources, funding and support to help our impoverished brothers and sisters.”
He additionally calls on the Catholic community to pray for GMH and all other medical centers and clinics, as well as the healthcare professionals who carry out the mission of healing.
PeterJohn Camacho, GMH administrator, said GMH’s cry for help is as much a cry to help the people of Guam.
“Our plan seeks to provide the same standard of care that is found across our country and many parts of the world. Too many people have to go off-island for medical procedures that should be routine here – just as they are routinely available at hospitals across the country,” Camacho wrote.
“We at GMH, along with the people we try to help, live with that reality of our mission every day. Every day, we have a mandate to provide care to everyone who walks through our doors.”

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