Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has tapped Ron McNinch, PhD to the remaining vacancy on the Guam Education Board.

 “I told Dr. McNinch the same thing I told Mark Mendiola: you have ensure the board is transparent, that it follows the correct processes and procedures, and that it does the right thing by keeping the education of our children at the center of all decisions,” Governor Calvo stated.

 “We need to bring accountability back to the education board so that the focus is on the kids and those things that ensure that they are ready for college or whatever path they choose after high school.”

Mendiola’s appointment was announced last week. The Governor this week spoke to Dr. McNinch who accepted his appointment. Both appointments are subject to legislative approval. Mendiola’s hearing is scheduled and on the legislative calendar for 9 a.m.tomorrow at the Guam Legislature in Hagåtña.

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