Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is calling all local leaders to work together to ensure the Chamorro Land Trust program moves forward, sharing Congresswoman Bordallo’s view that we must reach a consensus when it comes to resolving the recent lawsuit.
“We may not always be on the same page with each other, but there’s one thing we can agree on: that it’s our duty to protect our people,” the Governor said. “When it comes to the best interest of our island, we must put our differences aside and stand united with one voice.”
The U.S. Department of Justice filed the lawsuit in late September, stating the Chamorro Land Trust program discriminates on the basis of race. In a letter sent to the Governor yesterday, Congresswoman Bordallo shared several options that could potentially address the legal challenges. The options, which require congressional action, could protect the rights of the indigenous people of Guam. The Governor is also looking at other ways to keep the spirit of the Chamorro Land Trust program alive.
“The Chamorro Land Trust program was created to right a wrong our people experienced years ago, yet the lawsuit fails to recognize that,” Governor Calvo said. “The Justice Department may try to silence us; but together, we can guarantee the voice of the native people is heard.”

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