“We may have our disagreements here, in our house, but when we face the world we MUST STAND UNITED with ONE VOICE.”
— Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Governor Calvo agrees with Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje that the leaders of Guam should stand up for the rights of the indigenous people whose desires have been pushed aside for too long.
“Guam is now faced with the possibility of another consent decree that would, once again, disenfranchise the native inhabitants of this island by stopping or changing a program that was created to right a wrong levied upon the native people of Guam,” the Governor stated.
Today, the Legislature discussed two resolutions related to the rights of the native inhabitants of Guam. Resolution 52 calls for the Attorney General of Guam to fight the Department of Justice’s call for a consent decree on the Chamorro Land Trust program.
The U.S. Department of Justice stated in a Jan. 13, 2017 letter their determination that the Chamorro Land Trust program discriminates on the basis of race. DOJ has called for pre-suit negotiations to resolve the issue in the form of a consent decree. The administration will be working with the AG to discuss available options, which also will be discussed with the Legislature.
The Governor has no desire of moving in the direction of a consent decree.
“In my two terms now as Governor, I have seen and had to deal with consent decrees that have not been good for the people of Guam. The judicial activism that has been liberally exercised by the District Court has cost the people of Guam hundreds of millions of dollars,” Governor Calvo stated. “This newly proposed consent decree can deprive the indigenous people of Guam from the justice the CLTC program is meant to provide.”
The quest for self determination cannot end here
The Governor also agrees with the intent of Resolution 51, also written by Vice Speaker Terljae and discussed by Senators today.
“The fight to allow the native inhabitants of Guam to vote for their political future should not end with the District Court,” the Governor said. “We MUST continue to work together to ensure the voice of the native people is heard.”
The Governor firmly believes that a self-determination vote should be held and that the leaders of the executive and legislative branches must stand firm in this belief if a vote is to be realized.
“These rules have been written by a court that the native people of this island had no say in creating and yet it determines what the native people can and cannot do regarding their political status,” the Governor stated. “That’s not right.”
Governor Calvo shares Vice Speaker Terlaje’s desire that the leaders of Guam stand together and speak with one voice, ensuring that the native people’s decision on political status is heard; and keeping the spirit of the Chamorro Land Trust Program unbroken.

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