October 27, 2016
Governor Eddie Calvo ordered the release of more than $15 million for the payment of the annual COLA to retirees. The money was sent yesterday to the Retirement Fund.
The Retirement Fund will send the checks to retirees and survivors in the next couple of days based on how they typically receive their checks:

  • Via checks that will be mailed out; or
  • Load the money into direct deposits.

“We have more than 7,800 retirees and survivors who rely on this cost of living allowance,” Governor Calvo stated.
The Governor thanked the fiscal team, and the employees of the Government of Guam who have sacrificed and worked hard to ensure we are able to make these payments.
“Smart fiscal management has allowed the people’s government to pay out tax refunds, keep this government moving forward, and pay these cost of living allowances,” the Governor said.
Please call Deputy Press Secretary Amanda Francel Blas at 475-9379 for more information.

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