Sept. 27, 2018
Governor Calvo visited the Bishop Museum in Hawaii today to discuss repatriating the Guam artifacts that have been stored there.
“In April, we broke ground on the cultural repository in Mangilao. It’s important that artifacts belonging to our people be returned home so that we can learn from them and teach the younger generation about those who came before us,” Governor Calvo stated.
The Governor met with Col. Joshua L. Moon, Deputy Commander of the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, who oversees the (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) THAAD Battery on Guam. He also met with Rear Admiral Matthew Carter, Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. By next year, the Guam National Guard will assume responsibility for the THAAD’s security forces mission. A unit from Alaska currently supports that operation.
The Governor also raised the issues of H2B as well as re-building the ship repair facility here on Guam, which would promote jobs for Guamanians and make it easier to repair military ships ported here.
Discussion on H2B and the ship repair centered around the “One Guam” approach, which aims to ensure that the shift of military focus to the Pacific and to Guam benefits military facilities and the civilian community. Of particular concern is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which approved H2B workers for military projects but not for civilian projects — this is inconsistent with the “One Guam” approach.

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