For immediate release, October 13, 2016
ATTACHMENTS: Letter from Governor Calvo to Speaker Won Pat 
The Governor is writing again to Speaker Won Pat to ask that she reconsider her stance to not hold an oversight hearing on the education board’s sudden termination of Superintendent Jon Fernandez.
The baffling turn of events today — during a meeting the education board decided to keep Mr. Fernandez on payroll despite having voted to terminate his contract — only underscores the need to bring clarity to actions that are mired in secret reports and whispers.
Meanwhile, hundreds of students gather in protest of Mr. Fernandez’s termination. And residents are on radio talk shows and social media calling for information as they try to understand the topsy turvy decision by the current Board of Education and the instability in leadership it has caused in the education department.
A scanned copy of the letter is attached
Letter Speaker 10-13-16 PDF

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