Today, Governor Calvo vetoed the budget bill, which could put the safety, health and education of the people of Guam at risk.


“Twelve senators have forgotten the needs of our island, but I have not,” Governor Calvo said. “I refuse to have anything to do with a budget that does not prioritize the people of Guam.”


Some of the Governor’s concerns include:

  • $1M shortfall from the Y Kuentan Salappe Prinsepat, which helps principals purchase items throughout the year to serve the island’s students
  • The lack of funding for the Triennial Real Property Revaluation, which negatively affects the Territorial Education Facilities Fund that the Department of Education needs to fix our schools
  • The lack of funding for 33 police recruits, five critically-needed civilian positions and overtime within the Guam Police Department that are necessary to ensure the security of our island
  • Failure to adequately fund the island’s only public hospital, jeopardizing GMH’s patient services
  • The lack of funding in the amount of $1.8M for food services and $2.6M for medical care for our island’s prisoners, which would force the Department of Corrections to violate a federal court order, possibly sending them back into receivership
  • The total disregard for the Guam Visitors Bureau’s need for additional funding to maintain tourism arrival numbers in light of the North Korea event
  • The lack of funding in the amount of $2.2 M to increase bus services for residents who rely on public transportation

“I cannot in good conscience allow these issues to go unchallenged, therefore I am vetoing Substitute Bill No. 22-34,” Governor Calvo said in his veto message. 

Substitute Bill NO. 22-34

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