NEWS: Governors, Presidents, take steps to build a stronger Micronesia
Building a stronger regional work force, networking to share best practices to create a safer and healthier Micronesian region, and focusing on sustainable tourism for all of our islands, the leaders of our Micronesian islands signed a communique declaring their commitment to work together.
The signing of the communique signals the second day of the 22nd Micronesian Islands Forum, formerly known as the Micronesian Chief Executives Summit. The chiefs reassemble tomorrow in individual meetings and to open the 29th Guam Micronesian Island Fair, which includes cultural practitioners from across Micronesia.
Leaders’ discussions and presentations made by various committees, included the improvements made, individually and collectively, environmental conservation, and telecommunications and other infrastructure.
“We also have shared our challenges — whether its on labor shortages, bio-security and protecting our islands from invasive species,” Governor Eddie Baza Calvo stated.
Governor James Yangetmai, of Yap, also noted the need to step up educational efforts on health initiatives. Governor Yangetmai is worried about the incidence of cancer and other diseases in Yap. He said there must be more effort to study environmental factors as well as showing people how to reduce risk factors that come from unhealthy eating habits.
Attachment: 22nd MIF Communique

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