Boot drive raises almost $8K for the 100th Anniversary of American Red Cross, Guam Chapter 
Penny Drive continues to month’s end 
To help support the American Red Cross, Guam Chapter in their 100th Anniversary, the office of the Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio coordinated a boot drive last Friday. They collected about $7,900 at four of the island’s major intersections: Micronesia Mall, ITC, Paseo Loop and Tiyan Airport.
“I want to thank Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio for coordinating this drive and the public safety agencies for taking the lead at each intersection. In addition, we had folks from other agencies who were out there collecting and, of course, everyone who donated,” Governor Calvo stated.
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said the American Red Cross, Guam Chapter has helped the people of Guam through many disasters over the years.
“This is a non-profit organization that has helped our people through natural disasters, house fires and other tragedies,” Lt. Governor Tenorio stated. “They continue to work because of the kind donations from our community — a relationship that perfectly embodies the spirit of inafa’maolek!”
Lt. Governor Tenorio also noted that the fundraising effort continues with their Penny Drive.
“Each of the executive branch agencies have a container that is clearly marked with the American Red Cross label. If you have loose coins that are bulking up your wallet or weighing down your purse, toss a few in there and know that you’re helping a family in the future get through a tough time,” the Lt. Governor stated.
The American Red Cross Penny Drive ends Oct. 31.
For more information about this effort, call 472-8931 and ask for the Lt. Governor’s office.
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