NEWS: GovGuam employees, retirees, and their families will maintain access to quality health insurance coverage
July 20, 2017 (Hagåtña) — More than 7,000-plus Government of Guam employees, retirees, and their families will maintain access to multiple healthcare providers, doctors, and clinics in the upcoming fiscal year.
“Since the Legislature opened the door to offering multiple insurance providers to our people, the policy of this administration has been that of choice,” the Lt. Governor stated.
For years, insurance companies opted out of partnering with the Government of Guam until only one company remained. Government employees and retirees called for a choice because they wanted to decide for themselves what doctors would care for their children, what policy provided the coverage they required, and which local and off-island clinics or hospitals to seek specialty care.
“We’ve responded to this call, and our people will continue to receive the most beneficial plan for their individual family needs,” the Lt. Governor added.
While certain senators continue to push for cheap healthcare insurance for GovGuam employees, such a selection this year would have resulted in government employees, retirees, and their families losing access to their primary doctors and major healthcare facilities. This would have been unacceptable.
“We want to continue providing our Government of Guam employees and retirees with access to high quality healthcare services, and not reduce them to the cheapest plan,” the Lt. Governor stated. “The reality is you get what you pay for, and when it comes to employee healthcare, they deserve a quality plan that is most beneficial to them and their families.”
Three companies will provide healthcare insurance in FY’ 2018, with an estimated savings to the government of approximately $1.89M from the previous fiscal year.

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