Nov. 13, 2017 (Hagatna) – The Guam Police Department recently promoted 40 new Police Officers to Police Officer II. These promotions are part of a greater effort to create a strong police force that is better equipped to respond to the needs of our community.
“It takes a lot to step up and serve your island, but for all of you, it was never a problem,” said Governor Eddie Baza Calvo. “We admire your courage and you all did it without hesitation,” added Governor Calvo.
Since the Calvo Tenorio Administration took office, there have been more police vehicles, upgrades of police stations by levying federal grants and private-public partnerships, more police officers and volunteers patrolling our villages, reduction of the amount of overtime hours police officers have had to work – particularly as officers retired or decided to work elsewhere, which ultimately helps promote safety because our officers aren’t stretched as thin.
The Administration continues to support the Guam Police Department through promotions that also included Police Officer III, Sergeant I, Sergeant II, and Lieutenant. These promotions not only brings balance to the rank and files, but also creates upward mobility for the junior ranks.
“Our Administration has supported the Police Department since taking office and we will continue to do so in order to provide safety for all island residents. We commend all our men and women in the police department and congratulate the newly promoted Police Officers. Thank you all for your service,” said Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio.

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