“We do everything we can for our patients, but we realize that what we have is scarce.” – Dr. Jolene Maanao Aguon, Medical Director of GMH’s Intensive Care Unit
For the last hour and a half, doctors have testified before lawmakers on the importance of funding the island’s only public hospital. 
“We’ve been trying to meet the standard of care … GMH does whatever GMH needs to do to save a life. That’s what our day is, our day in and our day out.” 
Dr. Aguon is a daughter of Guam, and it has always been her dream to come back home to serve her people at Guam Memorial Hospital.  
Dr. Aguon appealed to Senators: “We need to find a solution. I’m hoping that we’re going to get the support that we need to keep the hospital alive. Because one day, you or your family members are going to come through those doors, and we are going to be ready for you.”
The future of GMH is in the legislature’s hands.
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