Over 1,000 autonomous agency employees unnecessarily affected. 

August 22, 2018

Hagåtña – As the Governor’s fiscal and legal teams progress through their review of the Speaker’s recently passed budget, errors and mandates that inflict unnecessary harm to government operations and employees continue to be found. 

As previously reported, the administration has found multiple errors, unnecessary prohibitions, and omissions in the budget transmitted by Senator Regina Biscoe Lee.  The most recent identified provision would unnecessarily affect over a thousand employees at agencies like the Port Authority of Guam, the Guam International Airport Authority, the Guam Power Authority, and the Guam Waterworks Authority. 

The unbalanced budget contains language that puts a halt to hiring critical employees of these agencies beginning September 1, 2018, which is also an issue. 

Additionally, salary increments will be stopped in Fiscal Year 19. These mandates will not help the General Fund’s anticipated shortfall as these agencies are funded by their own revenues and are not a part of the General Fund.

“This budget bill takes what is operating well and fiscally sound in this government and pulls it down rather than responsibly addressing the financial shortfalls within the General Fund and building it up,” Port General Manager Joanne Brown said. 

The Governor’s Office continues its review of the Speaker’s Budget.

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