December 13, 2017
Hagåtña — The administration will continue pressing the H2B visa denials to help with construction “outside the gate.”
“The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act doesn’t help Guamanians who are trying to build homes or local businesses trying to expand their stores, restaurants, or hotels,” Governor Calvo stated. “The NDAA falls short of the One Guam promise. Even more, it fails us in providing the critical labor necessary in the areas of health and safety, some infrastructure such as water and wastewater projects outside the base, and most importantly in schools and hospitals for which we have federal mandates.”
The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act is good news for contractors engaged in military buildup and associated projects will see some relief with the passage of the NDAA.
The natural increase in population and economic activity, added to the growth spurred by the Marine Realignment, will mean more projects “outside the gate” and with that the need for temporary workers “outside the gate.” As such, the administration continues to work with Chief of Staff Kelly, as well as with all federal and local stakeholders to find a solution that supports the One Guam doctrine — a cornerstone of the realignment initiative.
The H-2B related provisions of the NDAA will not be in effect until April 11, 2018. The NDAA exempts employers from having to justify a temporary need for workers and allows for 4,000 workers per year to be admitted under this special H-2B provision.

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