August 9, 2018

Hagåtña – iLearn Academy Charter School has, to put it simply, excelled beyond expectations within its first three years of operations.

iLearn is Guam’s second charter school to open its doors, providing public school parents and students with a viable option to attend a publicly funded school of their choice.

For the third successive year: they have recorded a clean audit; they have demonstrated that their students are learning very well; and with documented academic growth of its students, they are positioned to achieve Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation – all well within the five-year timeline required by law.

Governor Eddie Calvo stated, “ilearn is a S.T.E.M. elementary charter school which has demonstrated fiscal responsibility with years of clean audits and progressive academic scores. We shouldn’t be punishing exemplary schools, we should be rewarding them. Just today I was told that if they can’t increase enrollment, they may have to close their doors at the end of this school year.”

The Charter Council, as acknowledged by the Committee on Education Chairman, approved an increase in enrollment from 500 to 620. But lawmakers seem deadset on capping enrollment at a stagnant 500 – ignoring the approved 620.

Why would a democratic-led legislature elect to withhold the opportunity to succeed from our children?

As a community, we should do everything we can to support and encourage advocates who want to improve public education.

“With charter schools being a more recent creation of public policy by the Guam Legislature. It’s important then, that they shepherd these schools to success with the necessary support and funding required. Our students and teachers are counting on them,” Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio stated.

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