Governor Calvo signed an executive order making Nov. 24, 2017 a holiday for the Government of Guam.
“At a time when there seems to be a world in turmoil, it is important that we hold close our friends and family,” Governor Calvo stated. “We have to give thanks and celebrate, among family and friends, the love and hope that exist. Let us remember that for every harsh word or every action that causes someone to suffer, there is a word of kindness and someone with a helping hand to lift up a brother or sister in need.”
Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio encourage the community to use the holiday to spend time with their families, whether it’s enjoying a day at the beach or preparing their homes for the holiday season. Families are the cornerstone of our community.
“Let us rejoice in the peace and prosperity that we enjoy on Guam. Let’s take a moment to hug our children or grandkids a little bit longer, to greet our neighbors with a smile, or see that aunt you’ve been meaning to visit with for a while,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio stated.
With Friday also known as the start of the shopping season, Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio also encourage the island community to shop local.
“Let’s support our local entrepreneurs and businesses who do so much for our island – whether its in providing jobs or giving back to the community in other ways,” the Governor stated.
The declaration of a local holiday also falls in line with the president’s proclamation of National Family Week, which emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting strong families.
“During National Family Week, we support and encourage American families to create healthy, nurturing environments for their children and future generations,” President Trump states.

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