January 29, 2018
Hagatna – As the night goes on, the support for GMH continues. Nurses let lawmakers know their concern regarding the Guam Memorial Hospital.
“We have been operating on fumes, it’s about time that we stop and dedicate a source of funding. Not just for one day, but every day. Not just because it’s election year, but because GMHA deserves to be supported all the time and not when it’s convenient. Help us fulfill our mission: to provide quality patient care in a safe environment,” said Connie Dudkiewicz, nurse supervisor at GMH.
“If this legislative body cannot come up with a dedicated funding source, I ask you then, can you please come up with an answer to which I can give my patients and their family members to answer why I cannot provide them with the medical treatment they need?” said Angelita Guingao, Staff Nurse II, Pediatric ICU, GMH.
“Can we give our community of Guam something more than what little we have?” said Paula Manzon, Staff Nurse II, GMH.
“Please think of the fate of your nursing workforce when you make the decision to support any bill that dedicates a funding source. Without a dedicated funding source, you will see an impact on the nursing crisis as it continues to worsen,” said Rhodora Cruz, hospital nurse Supervisor II at GMH.
“Remember this – that we may plan our health care needs and where we get these treatments, but at the most emergent and unexpected time when you or your family needs the right service to live – we can provide that care if we were only appropriately funded,” added Cruz.
The outpour of testimonies in support of GMH continue at the Legislature.
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