In line with Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio’s efforts to ensure the Government of Guam is a drug-free workplace, random drug tests were conducted at the Department of Parks and Recreation. Four employees tested positive.


“DPR serves our island community in so many ways. We keep up our parks and recreational facilities, ensure our beaches are safe, and preserve our island’s history through maintenance of some of our historical sites,” Bill Reyes, DPR director, said. “Just as we’re dedicated to the safety of our people, we are dedicated to the safety of our employees. This means ensuring we have a work environment that is free of any illegal substances.”


Random drug tests at agencies are part of a directive from the Governor and Lt. Governor to help ensure GovGuam is a drug free work environment.


“We will continue to work with our agency directors to ensure that we are vigilant in making GovGuam drug-free,” Lt. Governor Tenorio said. “Safety is our priority; and anything that compromises that is unacceptable.”

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