In continuation of the recent article published by the Guam Pacific Daily News headlined, “Don’t end receivership until GovGuam is prepared: Our View,” – yes PDN, that is YOUR view, and your view only.
“It takes three years to create job positions? Then why wait so long to start the process to create them?” stated an anonymous writer at the PDN.
Unfortunately, the PDN reported untrue statements and alarmed employees by using completely false jargon – all for political game – because not once in the October 19 hearing did Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson say that it would take three years to create job positions.
In FACT, the status report submitted one day before the hearing stated, “It is expected that such Plan (to create classified positions) will be ready for implementation within one hundred twenty (120) days of transition, if not sooner.”
After the AG mentioned the Plan to Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood at the court hearing, the judge accepted the AG’s statement because the AG confirmed that it will NOT take three years, but a MAXIMUM of 120 days. The Plan is already being developed and is expected to be complete BY December of THIS YEAR; not in three years.
It is uncertain what the writer of this story understood or tried to do. Instead of alarming the 26 employees with a completely false article that GovGuam is going to take three years to create job positions, maybe the PDN staff should at least understand what is filed in writing through the status report and said at court by the AG in front of the judge, and THEN publish an article based on facts.

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