Governor proclaims June Philippine Independence Month
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“A lot of Guam’s growth is because of the investments of our kababayans over decades.  Whether they helped rebuild Guam after World War II or opening a second civilian hospital, Filipinos have a long history of making our island better.  Thousands of Filipino-Guamanians have set their roots deep in our paradise–and for that, they are a part of our island family.  Today we celebrate our brothers and sisters who fought hard for their independence from oppression. The men and women who struggled to win their freedom will be forever remembered.  Filipinos today continue the legacy of courage and honor that began in June 12, 1898.  This month’s celebration comes during some very exciting times. The Philippine economy is getting stronger and stronger. And as the tide rises for the Philippines, so grows Guam’s economy. The new hospital and the new stores that businessmen from across the ocean are bringing to Guam are indicators or how intertwined our growth is.” — Governor Eddie Calvo
Calvo recognizes, praises the Filipino fight for freedom                                      
The contributions to Guam from generations of Filipinos were recognized at a proclamation signing this morning.  At the event, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo commemorated Philippine Independence Month in recognition of the country’s freedom from oppression on June 12, 1898.
Grow with Guam: Filipinos have contributed to the island’s success               
Since the Liberation of Guam, Filipinos have flocked to our island to help it grow.  For generations, these skilled laborers, academics, and business owners have helped make Guam a better place–providing services that didn’t exist before, teaching students skills needed for a good career, and creating jobs.  Recognizing the contributions of these pioneers, and the new generation of Filipino-Guamanian leaders are part of the Governor’s Grow with Guam initiative.
This program illustrates the growing economy of the island, by showcasing new businesses, business expansion, and economic activity.  It also serves to point anyone looking for a piece of the growing pie in the right direction, whether it be higher education, training, or government services.
The Filipino legacy on Guam: Sticking with us through the tough times; helping to build Guam     
For many generations, Guam has benefited from the contributions of Filipinos, many of whom came to Guam after World War II to help rebuild the island.    Workers arrived after Super Typhoon Karen and other natural disasters.  Thousands of these builders remained on Guam after their work was done. They constructed homes, raised their families, and started businesses.  Decades later, they are a deeply rooted part of our community.
Pioneers and those who follow their path                                                                         
Filipinos of previous generations like the great late Sen. Ernesto Espaldon, M.D. helped make Guam what it is today.  Local businessman Emelio Uy also has contributed to the island and the regional community–hosting fundraisers and benefits for disaster relief, youth sports, and other laudable causes.
They helped pave the way for younger generations, like Judge Maria Cenzon, who now sits at the Guam Superior Court bench as the first Filipina-Guamanian to serve in the Unified Judiciary of Guam.  Governor Calvo appointed Cenzon to the position.
Consul General comments on the courage and bravery of Filipinos
Bayani V. Mangibin, Consul General, thanked the Filipinos living on Guam for bringing with them the customs of the Philippines, and continuing the tradition of loyalty and spirit of bayanihan.  “Governor, I’m touched by your proclamation and would like to reiterate the words found in it,” he said.  Consul General Mangibin then read the following passage:
On Philippine Independence Day, we celebrate the legacy of a great people, with a great history, who are now working to make the world a better place.  During the month of June, we thank Filipinos all over the world, including on Guam, for bringing the wisdom of their ancestors, the spirit of bayanihan, and their love for life to their new homes.  These men and women continue the tradition of their ancestors–the same bravery and courage it took to break free from the shackles of oppression and declare their independence on June 12, 1898.
FCG President thanks community for Haiyan relief charity
Roy Adonay, Filipino Community of Guam president, said what makes the relationship between Guam and Philippines work so well is the reciprocity of respect and support. He noted that after Supertyphoon Haiyan struck the southern islands of the Philippine archipelago, the leaders and people of Guam were quick to offer help. Donations poured in, allowing FCG to send money and medicine to the people of Tacloban city and surrounding areas. Local healthcare community put together a medical team – bringing more medicine and much needed medical support to the region over multiple medical missions.
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