Aug. 2, 2018

“This is a big miracle that we’ve gotten from our Governor and Lt. Governor and our Mayor Jesse Blas, thank you for him. For my middle child … she had sickness and we would have to take her from here to the fire station just to get ambulance service.”
– Norma Mafnas, Pocaigue Street Resident

Hagåtña — Pocaigue Street in Yona is one of more than 30 roads that are part of the Islandwide Pavement Resurfacing Project.

“The completion of this road will allow more public services such as the ambulance and police officers to be able to get to the area,” said Acting Governor Ray Tenorio. “It’s an improvement to the safety of the community.”

The Calvo Tenorio Administration working with the Department of Public Works identified local and federal funds that allowed for the paving or repaving of village roads throughout the island. Village roads in Umatac, Agana Heights, Asan, and Dededo were recently completed. DPW crews are completing work on Erskin Drive in Agat, Barcinas Street in Inarajan, Pedro Tainatongo Street in Merizo, and other village roads.

DPW has plans for more roads in the future using liquid fuels tax fund. Mayors helped identify roads in their villages that require attention.

“The Mafnas Family have been coming to the mayor’s office for 18 years asking for help in repairing the road. It was very hard for the family to get to their home, even when it was dry,” said Yona Mayor Jesse Mendiola Blas, adding that residents appreciate the attention to their village.

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