July 2, 2018
Hagåtña — Despite 40 years of audits and financial reports that point to severe underfunding at the ailing Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (GMH), rather than find solutions, Senator Mike San Nicolas has found an excuse to strip GMH of $30M a year and DOE of $10M a year. His proposed bill also leaves a massive hole in the government’s budget of $120M to $160M hole left by federal tax cuts earlier this year.
Not making up for this loss could “derail” our economy according to the Department of Labor’s Chief Economist Gary Hiles.
Senator Mike San Nicolas is running for Congress and believes rolling back taxes on Guam, at a time when the largest tax cut was already passed by the federal government since the Reagan Era, will help him get elected.
“What he is failing to tell the people of Guam is that his bill will compromise the healthcare of their families at GMH, the classrooms of their children, and set our economy back — hurting business owners,” Governor Eddie Calvo said. “It’s nice to roll back taxes to get elected, but not at the expense of thousands of working families who use GMH, tens of thousands of children at our public schools, and the economy we have all worked so hard to build.”
In order to fix GMH our people need leadership not more politics.

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