February 22, 2018

(Hagåtña) – While questioning Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez about their cost-cutting measures, Sen. Frank Aguon, Jr. stated he would not support any revenue enhancements to address the fiscal challenges caused by federal tax cuts or to address the challenges facing the Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH). This will have “dire consequences,” on government services, government employees, and the economy, according to Bureau of Budgegt Management and Research Acting Director Lester Carlson.

Funding government operations is a primary responsibility of the Legislature.

Earlier this week, Senator Frank Aguon, voted to downgrade the health insurance for thousands of Government of Guam employees, retirees, and their families from quality and choice health insurance plans to the single cheapest plan.

The recent cuts supported by Aguon will have a severe impact on public health, safety, education, school children, and thousands of government employees, retirees, and their families.

The senator’s stance would mean not addressing GMH’s financial shortfall, which has existed since he has been in office. He also may force thousands of government employees into a 32-Hour workweek, furloughs, and frozen increments.

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