24 nominations collecting dust at the Legislature – two nominees were submitted last year 
August 7, 2018
Governor Calvo will submit a new nominee for the Guam Office of Customs and Quarantine AFTER Sen. Nelson allows her 14 peers at the Legislature the opportunity to do their jobs — vote on Eric Palacios’ nomination. 
In a letter to Sen. Telena Nelson in response to her Aug. 1, 2018 letter to him, Gov. Calvo notified the Senator that per Guam law Mr. Palacios’ appointment to Customs & Quarantine expires in September. 
“Inasmuch as the acting appointment is not expired, there is still plenty of time for you to do your job and report out the appointment of Mr. Palacios so that the people of Guam as represented by your 14 fellow colleagues can make up their own minds as to whether or not Mr. Palacios should be allowed to continue serving as the director of the Customs and Quarantine Agency,” the Governor wrote.
According to the Organic Act, §1422c. Executive agencies and instrumentalities. “The Governor shall, except as otherwise provided in this chapter or the laws of Guam, appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the legislature, all heads of executive agencies and instrumentalities.” As you can see, this does not say “…with the advice and consent of Senator Telena Nelson,” it requires the legislature, as a whole.
About a week ago, Speaker BJ Cruz told Sen. Nelson along with their fellow colleagues that the Legislature’s two primary responsibilities are passing a budget and acting on the nominations the Governor makes to boards, commissions and agencies – as required by law. 
At least one of her colleagues at the Legislature commented — while on the session floor about two weeks ago that – Mr. Palacios’ nomination had yet to be acted upon. 
The Governor reiterates this and calls on Sen. Nelson to do her job and allow her colleagues to do theirs. Senator Nelson is only 1/15 of the Legislature and cannot unilaterally apply her thoughts and beliefs on her colleagues. In her withholding the confirmation packet within her Committee, she is depriving her colleagues of their voice.
“There are others who want their opportunity to do the jobs that the people elected them to do. Sen. Nelson needs to move Mr. Palacios’ nomination forward so her colleagues can express their own beliefs,”Governor Calvo stated. 

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