Whether personal or political there’s a real danger to the actions of some at the legislature 
Aug. 6, 2018
Hagatña— The Democrat majority at the Legislature cannot be allowed to run this government into the ground, which is the path they’re on right now with some of the uneducated decisions they’re making.
“For all intents and purposes, the government will shut down,”the Governor told reporters this morning. 
Governor Calvo is drawing the line at the irresponsible act of tying appropriations for Adelup, the Department of Administration and Department of Revenue and Taxation, calling it an appropriation of ghost funds because it’s uncertain whether those revenues would be realized within the next several months. 
Senators have been going back and forth on this issue, introducing and voting on amendments only to repeal them. 
In spite of warnings from several people, including Speaker BJ Cruz, Governor Calvo and others in the community, several senators continue to follow Sen. Mike San Nicolas’ lead in creating an environment of chaos. San Nicolas, who is running for Guam’s seat in Congress, has said he wants the federal government to have more say in the local government. 
He said in spite of efforts by Speaker BJ Cruz, Senators Tom Ada, Tommy Morrison, Jim Espaldon and even freshmen Senators Louise Muna and Wil Castro, to inject reason into the discussion – explaining the ramifications of recent amendments – from the reduced government services and furloughed government employees to the negative impact on the business community.
“The direction the Guam Legislature is headed can only lead to anarchy and chaos,” Governor Calvo stated. “There is lack of comprehension to what they’re doing. What they’re doing is deadly. You can’t eviscerate a Governor’s office, Rev and Tax, and DOA – and expect every other agency to somehow not feel the consequences. This is mean-spirited… They didn’t touch the Judiciary of Guam, because of their respect for the other branch.”
Governor Calvo noted his administration would be in office for three months in this new budget. He warned that the path Senators were creating would only cause “chaos” for the new governor, Legislature, government employees and the people of Guam. 

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