Nov. 27, 2017 (Hagatna) – A stretch of road in Umatac has been repaved and more village roads are in the plans.
“We’ve done a lot in these last few years because of the amazing people we have working in this administration. I want to thank the Department of Public Works Highway Division. We were able to get them the equipment and supplies they need and since then, they’ve been repaving roads and making them safer for all of us,” Governor Calvo stated. “I know we talk a lot about GMH and GFD being guardian angels, but the work you guys do is also very important; it makes our roads safer and that is an impact that will last years.”
DPW crews would strip the road and smooth it out before contractor Hawaiian Rock adds the top layer. This combination of in-house and contracted work has allowed DPW to pave roads at a reduced cost.
The project in Umatac was locally funded and cost about $500,000 for about 2 miles of road.
Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio also thanked Sens. Tommy Morrison and Wil Castro, along with all of the senators who continue to support funding road projects around the island.
Other road improvement projects recently completed include Hamburger Road in Harmon and Macheche Avenue in Dededo. Upcoming projects include Gil Breeze in Yigo, Santati Road in Piti, and Biang Street in Maite. The list of roads was compiled by DPW with the help of village mayors.
“Much of this effort is part of a bigger picture to improve safety and the quality of life for the people of Guam, as well as to help the most vulnerable in our community,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio stated.
The administration just broke ground on an affordable housing project, construction is ongoing for the police precinct in Sinajana, and we have an emergency home for foster children being built. Additionally, we’re trying to build an overnight shelter for our homeless so they can have somewhere safe, clean, and dry to stay for a night.
“We have many hard working individuals working for this administration and I can say that both the Governor and I are very proud to work with them,” Lt. Governor Tenorio stated.

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