“Healthcare is not one of those things that we can cut back. We can’t say ‘Hey, we can’t do your hernia until six months from now because we have to cut back.’ Everybody is going to need some kind of healthcare, whether it’s now or next year. Everybody on this island is going to need some healthcare service provided at GMH.” – Dr. John Fegurgur, Surgeon.
While the Governor continues to offer possible solutions to GMH’s problems, Senators have yet to take meaningful action on these efforts.  
“I keep hearing this, ‘Do we want to incur this debt? Leave it to our children?’ … If anything, I would want my children to incur this debt if it meant that they would someday benefit and not die of something that’s preventable … I encourage you to find a solution for the problems that we have at GMH.”
Dr. Fegurgur cautioned there’s no time to waste – if we don’t act now, we’ll have the same problems and be in the same situation a couple of years later.
“It’s so easy to say cut back, kick it down the road, pass the bucket. The people of Guam need quality healthcare now, not later.”
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