NEWS: Thank you Senators for believing in the people of Guam
Thirteen senators believe that the people of Guam are capable of managing our own affairs and that we do not need our Big Brother federal government to dole out money owed to us as though we were teens receiving an allowance.
A majority of the senators voted against Legislative resolution 76-34, which was introduced by the former Chairman of Rules Committee Sen. Mike San Nicolas, in spite of repeat reminders that the resolution would hurt our government. The Resolution sought to delay the federal government’s payment to Guam of tax refunds, which are received before the start of the fiscal year. It also would have asked the federal government to give Guam the money throughout the fiscal year.
Governor Calvo had this to say on the attempt to pass Resolution 76-34:
“It’s simple really. We receive the Section 30 funds prior to the start of the fiscal year. We use it to pay tax refunds and other obligations. This resolution would have asked the federal government to break that amount and give it to Guam every how many months, which would have delayed when we receive the money and delayed when we pay our obligations. I also don’t know any other jurisdiction across the nation that would ask the federal government to control their finances the way this resolution requested. Thank you to those Senators who believe in Guam.”

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